Celebrating 40 Years

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The Lancaster area got its first set of wings in the 1930s, but the fast-growing community didn’t truly take flight until November 22, 1977 -- when the dream of local citizens desiring cityhood came to fruition. The Incorporation of the City of Lancaster signified self-governance, community pride, and the dawning of progressive leadership.

This year marks 40 years of pursuing our dreams in much the same fashion… setting our own path, rallying together as community stakeholders, and continuously achieving the “unachievable” through vision, partnership, healthy risk-taking and a formidable “can-do” attitude.

Municipal leadership is only as successful as the community at-large. As such, the Lancaster City Council and staff are proud to serve our citizens. We offer the deepest gratitude for 40 years of hard work, overcoming, celebrating, fighting together, growing together, and, ultimately, embracing the core values which make Lancaster the perfect place to live, work and play.

Take a nostalgic look back at the City of Lancaster's first decade, and keep an eye out for more at-a-glance segments which will highlight the next 30 years!

As the City of Lancaster continues to celebrate its milestone anniversary, be sure to revisit this page to discover new programs, upcoming events, and community engagement opportunities to festively celebrate 40 years of service. Be sure to "like" us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to "remember when" and revel in four decades of cityhood.

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