Standard Forms

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New Forms Posted April 2020... more COMING SOON!

Please contact the Capital Engineering Division at (661)945-6869 for a copy of the latest standard forms.

DPW Number Last Updated Publication Name
DPW000C Jul-2004 Sewer Area Study
DPW000D Jul-2004 Sewer Tie-In Notes Model
DPW000E April-2020 Encroachment Permit Application
DPW000F Oct-2008 Encroachment Permit Checklist
DPW000H April-2020 Hauling & Stockpile Permit Application
DPW000I Jul-2008 Request for Public Records
DPW000J Jun-2006 Traffic Control Plan Checklist and Guidelines
DPW000K Jun-2006 Street Plan Checklist and Guidelines Per Traffic Section
DPW000L Jun-2006 Signing and Striping Checklist and Guidelines
DPW000M Mar-2008 Master Plan of Drainage Reimbursement Request Requirements
DPW000M2 Nov-2017 Reimbursement Request Requirements
DPW000N Aug-2011 Drainage Reimbursement Agreement
DPW000P Sep-2008 LS-3 Street Light Submittal and Plan Check Requirements
DPW0003 April-2020 Dust Control Agreement
DPW0004 Jul-2004 Drainage Acceptance
DPW0005 April-2020 Acknowledgement to Employ Consultants
DPW0006 Nov-2008 Offer to Dedicate
DPW0008 Jul-2004 Right of Entry
DPW0009 Jul-2004 Letter of Participation - Sewer
DPW0012 Jun-2018 Street General Notes
DPW0013 Jun-2018 Grading General Notes
DPW0014 Jun-2018 Sewer General Notes
DPW0015 Oct-2007 Condemnation Information and Checklist
DPW0021 May-2016 Final Map Submittal Package
DPW0023 Jun-2012 Financial Interest Disclosure
DPW0028 Jul-2004 Landscape Architect's Notice to Contractors
DPW0030 Jul-2018 Landscape General Notes
DPW0031 Jul-2004 Landscape and Irrigation Improvement Plan Checklist
DPW0033 Jan-2009 Road Deed and Easement Submittal Requirements
DPW0045 Mar-21019 Requirements for City Council - Approval of Recorded Maps
DPW0048 Jul-2016 Monumentation Security Agreement
DPW0049 Sep-2015 Survey Monumentation Inspection Submittal Requirements
DPW0050 Mar-2018 Undertaking Agreement (Subdivision Improvements)
DPW0051 Mar-2018 Undertaking Argeement (Development Improvements)
DPW0052 Oct-2010 Assignment and Assumption Agreement
DPW0053 Jul-2004 Grading Permit Bond
DPW0054 Jun-2016 Amendment to Undertaking Agreement (Subdivision Improvements)
DPW0055 Apr-2019 Bond for Faithful Performance (Public Improvement)
DPW0056 Apr-2019 Bond for Labor and Materials
DPW0057 Jul-2016 Improvement Security Assignment & Agreement
DPW0057B Sep-2018 Acknowledgement Fee Deposit
DPW0058 Jul-2004 Grading Security Assignment & Agreement
DPW0059 Jun-2016 Amendment to Undertaking Agreement (Development Improvements)
DPW0060 Apr-2019 Labor and Materials Bond Amendment (Public Improvements)
DPW0061 Apr-2019 Faithful Performance Bond Amendment (Public Improvements)
DPW0063 Jul-2004 Sewer Plan Checklist
DPW0064 Jul-2004 Street Plan Checklist
DPW0067 Jul-2004 Grading Plan Correction List
DPW0070 April-2020 Improvement Plan Submittal Requirements (1st Plan Check)
DPW0071 Jan-2009 Certificate of Compliance Application
DPW0072 Jan-2009 Lot Line Adjustment Submittal Requirements
DPW0080 Sep-2018 Bond Estimate
DPW0081 May-2011 Drainage Impact Fee Credit Certificate
DPW0085 April-2020 Engineering Grading Consultant Statement (Grading Certificate)
DPW0086 Jun-2018 Street Lights General Notes
DPW0087 Mar-2014 Street Light General Criteria
DPW0088 Feb-2006 Corner Record Statement
DPW0088 Feb-2011 As-Built LS3 Surveyor Certificate
DPW0089 Feb-2011 Surveyor Paid in Full Statement
DPW0091 April-2020 Dust Control Method Letter
DPW0093 April-2020 Underground Letter (Sewer)
DPW0094 April-2020 Underground Letter (Streets & Others)
DPW0095 Jun-2018 Storm Drain General Notes
DPW0096 Feb-2018 Erosion Control Plan General Notes
DPW0097 Jul-2004 Abandoned Plans Renewal Application
DPW0098 Jul-2004 Hydrology Checklist
DPW0099 Jul-2004 Drainage Plan Checklist
DPW0100 April-2020 Earthwork Quantities Worksheet
DPW0101 Jul-2004 Traffic Control Plan Notes
DPW0102 TBD Irrevocable Letter of Credit Performance Security (Subdivision)
DPW0103 TBD Irrevocable Letter of Credit Performance Security (Development)
DPW0104 TBD Irrevocable Letter of Credit Labor and Materials (Development)
DPW0105 TBD Irrevocable Letter of Credit Labor and Materials (Subdivision)
DPW0106 TBD Irrevocable Letter of Credit Street Imporvement Security
DPW0107 TBD Irrevocable Letter of Credit Grading Security
DPW0108 Jul-2004 Stamped Concrete Specifications
DPW0111 Jul-2007 Standard Monument Notes
DPW0700R1 Jan-2019 Consultant Fee & Additional Plan Check/Map Check Deposits
DPWX01-16 Jan-2016 Bond for Faithful Performance (Solar Generator Facility)
DPWX01-16 Jan-2016 Bond for Labor and Materials (Solar Generator Facility)
DPWX10-09 Oct-2009 Landscaping Plan Check Review
DPWX02-11 Feb-2011 LS3 Surveyor Certificate
TBD Mar-2008 Non-Residential Plan Review
TBD Jul-2008 Recycled Water User Application Package for Permits
TBD Sep-2015 Survey Monumentation Inspection