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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • My street light is out. Who do I call?

  • How do I find out if my house is in the Flood Zone or not?

  • I’m buying this lot. Do I need to improve the street in front of it?

  • I’m purchasing an existing property and I want to know if it is on septic or public sewer?

  • I need another driveway for RV access, do I need a permit and who should I contact?

  • I’m purchasing some land and want to find out if there is an existing sewer line nearby that I can connect to.

  • I’m purchasing a piece of land. How do I find out what utilities are available at this location?

  • Will the city improve or pave the dirt road in front of my house?

  • What are the requirements to build a single family home?

  • Do I have legal access to the vacant land that I am purchasing?

  • What is a Certificate of Occupancy?

  • My street light is out. Who do I call?

  • What type of easements do I have on my property?

  • When can Tract addresses be released?

  • What is the cost for processing a Road Deed?

  • What information must I have to submit a Road Deed?

  • Will you accept an incomplete submittal if I promise to submit the check list item within a couple of days?

  • Why do I need to get Road Deeds on property adjacent to my development?

  • When are street names assigned?

  • Can I pick my street names?

  • Why would I need to enter into a Condemnation action?

  • How do I find out the legal property owner’s address?

  • Do I need to Offer to Purchase the signature easement?

  • How long does it take to complete the Condemnation process?

  • Who pays for the Condemnation?