Lancaster Safer Streets Action Plan

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Systemic Safety Analysis Report

On January 28, 2020, the City Council adopted the Lancaster Safer Streets Action Plan. Through the implementation of this action plan, the City will be proactively addressing traffic safety concerns by applying engineering countermeasures systemically across Lancaster’s roadway network.

Lancaster BlvdIn the last few years, the City has been proactively addressing “hot spot” collision locations with proven engineering countermeasures like “road diets”, 4-way stops, protected left-turn signals, and roundabouts. These countermeasures have proven to be great at reducing the total number of collisions at these locations, and reducing the severity of collisions that still occur. These countermeasures have no doubt saved lives in Lancaster and will continue to do so. In fact, these engineering counter measure are getting results even beyond what research suggested possible.

  • By implementing “road diets”, which involves reducing the number of travel lanes, lane widths, and adding bike lanes to help reduce speeds and the severity of collisions, the City has seen a 60% reduction in crashes on Valley Central Way and a 24% reduction in crashes on Lancaster Blvd.
  • Since converting 4 two-way stop-controlled intersections to all-way stop-controlled intersections, there has been an 87% average reduction in crashes at those locations. Furthermore, there has been a 93% reduction in severe injury crashes and a 100% reduction in fatalities.
  • After adding a protected left-turn signal to Avenue J and 20th Street West, there has been a near elimination of left-turn crashes at that location.
  • At the City’s first roundabout, Avenue L/Challenger Way, where there was at least one fatality a year and several severe injury crashes, there has been a 100% reduction in fatality-related crashes, a 90% reduction in people injured, and a 92% reduction in total crash victims.

Systemic Safety PuzzleThe successes of these countermeasures have proven that they are indeed effective at saving lives in Lancaster. Through the Lancaster Safer Streets Action Plan, the City now has a traffic safety program to eliminate traffic-related deaths and severe injuries City-wide by applying these and other countermeasures systemically to locations with similar crash types.

The Lancaster Safer Streets Action Plan is the result of the City participating in the Systematic Safety Analysis Report Program (SSARP), funded by a Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) grant. The intent of this HSIP program is to assist local agencies in future transportation safety program grant applications. Agencies that have their own Systematic Safety Analysis Report are given priority consideration for funding. The City will be utilizing this report when it applies for the HSIP Call for Projects (Cycle 10) this spring.

Lancaster_SSAR_Report_01.08.20_Final_Page_001Lancaster Safer Streets Action Plan

The Lancaster Safer Streets Action Plan was developed in partnership with a consultant team of representatives from Fehr & Peers, Transpo Group, Kimley-Horn, Andrew Yi, and Interwest Group.