Shopping Cart Retrieval

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Wayward shopping carts are an eyesore to the Lancaster neighborhoods, and can be dangerous to the children btn-easy-reportwho play in and around them.  At a cost of approximately $100 each, businesses must pick up the tab for the lost carts - a cost that could get passed on to you, the customer.  You can help keep the City of Lancaster beautiful by keeping our streets and neighborhoods free of abandoned carts.

If you see a stray shopping cart, you should call the City of Lancaster's shopping cart retrieval company toll free at (888) 992-4778or report the location of the cart online at  You can also call the Maintenance Services Section at (661) 723-5985, 24 hours per day.  Please be prepared to report the location (exact street address or nearest cross streets) of the shopping cart.

Shopping Cart Facts:

  • The unauthorized removal of a shopping cart from a store parking lot is a violation of the State law.  (California Business and Professions Code, Section 22435).
  • Stray shopping carts left on streets, sidewalks and private properties create an unattractive and lighted appearance in our community.
  • Retailers pass on the cost of retrieving carts to you (the consumer).
  • The City's shopping cart retrieval company works 6 days per week to remove stray carts and picks up approximately 1,500 shopping carts from neighborhoods and business districts each month.