Street Sweeping Changes

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WARNING! Flyer [Subject to change]

Approximately one-third of the City's streets will soon experience a change to the street sweeping schedule, including both residential roads and main thoroughfares. The changes will go into effect on September 1, 2017.

To see if your neighborhood will be affected by this change, utilize the City's interactive map feature to instantly see your street sweeping schedule.

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The City thanks its residents and business owners in advance for their patience during this transition period.


Arterial streets are swept once a month and residential streets are swept twice a month, except holidays which are New Year's, Memorial, Independence, Labor, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Occasionally, they may be delayed when a street sweeper needs repairs, experiencing abnormally high volumes of debris or during weather events. It is illegal to park on the street during the scheduled cleaning times.  Streets are posted with the day and time of the cleaning schedule and remain in effect regardless of the status of the street sweeping machines.  Vehicles on the street during posted hours will receive a parking citation.

It is against Lancaster's ordinance to rake the leaves that fall in your yard into the gutter, dump grass clippings or heavy objects in the gutter. Sweeper operators must avoid large piles of debris because such piles may hide heavy objects that can damage the sweeper. By placing yard waste into trash containers, rather than the streets, sweepers can more effectively clean the nearly 1600 miles of Lancaster streets each month.

To contact the City regarding street sweeping, please call (661) 723-5985 or submit your inquiry online by clicking here.