Amargosa Creek Specific Plan

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The City of Lancaster is facilitating a shared vision by initiating a comprehensive planning process for the 150-acre Amargosa Creek site located between Avenue L and Avenue K-I along 10th Street West. A “Specific Plan” is a legal document that establishes policy and regulatory tools for a specific community planning area – in this case, the Amargosa Creek site. Currently vacant, the lot is diagonally bisected by Amargosa Creek, which runs from the southeast corner to the northwest corner of the site.

The Amargosa Creek site has a key location and size that makes it critically important to Lancaster’s growth and direction. The City envisions the site becoming a mixed use development including office, retail, and major medical facilities, with the potential for hotel and/or residential components. In addition, the development is conceived as a place where people will gather and linger, so open plaza and similar design features will also be prominent.

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