Current Planning

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The current planning function involves the review of all development and subdivision proposals in the City for conformance with the adopted general plan, adopted specific plans, zoning, and subdivision regulations. This review includes projects ranging from simple room, patio, and pool plans to large scale subdivision, commercial, and industrial projects.

Most types of simple projects, such as pools, patio covers, room additions, signs, and tenant improvements, require only a counter check prior to approval.

More complex projects typically require submittal of a land use application (conditional use permit, tentative map, site plan review) for review.

Certain projects, including almost all subdivision requests, require review and approval of the City Planning Commission.

It is strongly suggested that prospective applicants contact the Planning Department to discuss potential projects to verify the review and approval process that will be required. Land use application forms are available for download from this website.

Processing time for various types of applications can only be estimated and are dependent on a variety of factors, including the department workload, completeness and accuracy of the submitted information, the need for modifications to the proposed plans to meet City development requirements, and the level of environmental review required.

Development proposals on vacant land typically require submittal of various environmental studies, including a biological assessment, a cultural resources assessment, and hazardous materials assessment.

It is the responsibility of the project applicant to submit these studies at the time the land use application is filed with the Department. The project applicant should contact the Department with any specific questions regarding a project site.