General Plan 2030

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GP LogoGeneral Plan 2030 can be described as the City’s long-term outlook for the future, and is a reflection of the community’s vision of the City.  The General Plan identifies the types of development that will be allowed, and the general pattern of future development.  The Plan contains goals, objectives, policies and specific actions that provide the framework for achieving the community’s long-term vision.  All subdivisions, public works, redevelopment projects, zoning decisions, and other various implementation tools must be consistent with the General Plan.  In order to keep the Plan on course, the City must, from time to time, re-examine the goals, objectives, policies specific actions in order to ensure that the General Plan remains in line with the community’s priorities.  The General Plan was adopted on July 14, 2009, and the horizon year for the adopted General Plan is currently 2030.

The Housing Element of the General Plan is contained under separate cover, and is available in a hard copy format from the City of Lancaster Planning Department.

Adopted General Plan Policy Document
This document contains the vision, goals, objectives, policies, and specific actions for the City. The General Plan includes the following elements or plans: natural environment, public health and safety, active living, physical mobility, municipal services and facilities, economic development and vitality, and physical development.

Housing Element
This document includes goals, objectives, policies, and specific action related to the City’s housing needs and inventory.

General Plan Land Use Map (2009)
This map shows the City’s General Plan area and City boundaries, including land use designations for properties.

General Plan 2030 Final EIR
The General Plan Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) includes an analysis of environmental impacts as a result of the adoption of General Plan 2030. The analysis considers factors including traffic and circulation, air quality, noise, biological resources, public services and utilities, among others.

GP 2030 Master Environmental Assessment
The General Plan Master Environmental Assessment (MEA) describes existing conditions within the Lancaster General Plan area.

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