Transportation Maintenance Operations Statistics

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This year the City of Lancaster has hired a consultant to obtain an inventory of all City Assets. The following information will be updated as information is gathered and provided.

Traffic Signals
Signalized Intersections 134
Battery Backup Systems 134
Red 4 Flashing Intersections 3
Traffic Calming
Radar Speed Feedback Signs 22
Smart School Crosswalks 6
Flashing School LED Signs 2
Lighting Lamps
Total 1400
Intersection Safety Lighthing 925
City Downtown Business Parking Lots 200
Lancaster Blvd. Pedestrian Lighting 90
Underpass/ Overpass Lighting 75
Facility Lighting 60
Park & Ride 55
Signs & Marking
Regulatory and Information Signs     24,000
Fleet Vehicles
Light Equipment Vehicles 97
Heavy Equipment Vehicles 33
Alternative Fuel Vehicles (CNGs) 13
Hybrid Vehicles 9
Duel Fuel Vehicles 2