Sewer Collection System

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The Utility Division will manage, operate and maintain the sanitary sewer collection system. The main functions of this program are to: adhere to sewer ordinances and other state and federal requirements, provide operations and maintenance in a manner to reduce or eliminate sanitary sewer overflows, determine and add all new parcels being served by the sewer collection system to the assessment list and to review and modify, as needed, the sewer service charges including preparation of annual report and assessment list for placement on the county tax rolls for collection.


On April 2, 1979 the City of Lancaster, by Resolution No. 79-18, authorized inclusion of certain territories then and thereafter to the Consolidated Sewer Maintenance District of Los Angeles County (CSMD) for the maintaining of local and lateral sewers pursuant to State Law. In May 2006, the State of California mandated all owners and operators of sewer systems to comply with new Waste Discharge Requirements (WDR’s). The WDR’s require duplication of effort by owners and operators of a system, if they are not the same entity. Because the City of Lancaster owns the local sewer system and CSMD maintains the local sewer system for the City, a sewer feasibility study was prepared to recommend an appropriate course of action to properly serve the citizens of Lancaster.

On December 12, 2006, the Sewer Feasibility Study was presented to the City Council with a recommendation to withdraw from the CSMD. The City Council agreed with the recommendation and adopted Resolution No. 06-245 requesting withdrawal from the CSMD and authorized staff to immediately commence withdrawal proceedings from the CSMD and prepare for providing direct operation and maintenance of the City sewer system effective July 1, 2008.

In order to have a viable operation and maintenance program in place by July 1, 2008, various tasks need to be accomplished, including establishment of an annual sewer service charge for operation, maintenance and replacement costs for the local sewer system. A sewer service charge was established by Ordinance No. 876 on May 8, 2007 and a public hearing was held on June 26, 2008 at which there was no majority protest and the established sewer service charge was set at $9.00 for FY 07-08.