Business Assistance

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Customized Incentives - Creative Solutions

Lancaster prides itself in developing new and innovative ways to motivate companies to make the right relocation choice. Custom incentives are tailored to the specific needs of each business.

From Kaiser Permanente to BYD, Deluxe to Morton Manufacturing, time after time, the City has helped companies achieve great results by helping to grease the skids rather than gumming up the works with unnecessary red tape.

Assistance comes in many forms, and Lancaster works to provide the help your firm needs most. It may mean installing new infrastructure to help make a new project possible. It may come in the form of screening, hiring and training assistance to get your workforce up and running. Or perhaps it’s simply a matter of putting the right people together to find the financing or technical assistance needed to keep a project on track.

Find new ways to create smarter solutions. Bring your business expansion challenge to Lancaster. Below you'll find examples of just a handful of the programs offered in Lancaster.

  • Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan Programs
  • Industrial Development Bonds
  • Small Business Incubator
  • Assistance for Manufacturers
  • Small Business Assistance

SBA Loan Programs

Working with local lenders and the Small Business Administration, we can help qualified businesses to obtain loans for both real property purchases and improvements, or to provide working capital. Loans range from under $100,000 to $1,000,000 or more. This program is ideally suited for small to medium-sized companies. The 504 loan program allows small business concerns to build facilities with only 10% down. Contact us for information on which types of loans may best suit your organization.

Industrial Development Bonds

Well suited to address the needs of mid-sized firms, Industrial Development Bonds, issued by the Lancaster Development Authority in association with low cost funds for creation of new facilities. Typical amounts range from 2 to 10 million dollars.

Small Business Incubator

The City of Lancaster has been an innovator in the small business arena for many years. The City co-founded one of the state’s first small business incubators and today operates a 30,000-square-foot facility with shared resources for entrepreneurs. In addition to flexible lease terms, the incubator can also help start-ups with securing loans to help with working capital and equipment purchases.

Located at 104 East Avenue K-4 at Business Center Parkway, the Lancaster Small Business Incubator is an attractive, 30,000-square-foot, fully landscaped, multi-tenant building designed for growing businesses. The goal is to help create and grow young businesses by providing them with necessary support with financial and technical services.
• Ideal for start-ups and younger companies
• Suited for R&D, light manufacturing and distribution
• Low-cost/no-cost business counseling
• Peer network and mentors
• SBA finance assistance available
• Flexible lease options
• 12’ overhead doors, 16’ ceilings, 20’ bays.

Assistance for Manufacturers

California’s Manufacturing Technology Center can provide research and consulting services to eligible manufacturers. Under its programs, groups of businesses with similar interests can pool their research efforts to produce an industry cluster analysis that looks at specific opportunities and challenges facing a particular market sector.

Small Business Assistance

Locally, the North County Small Business Development Center provides assistance to small businesses in the areas of marketing, production, employee relations, and technology. These services are designed to augment in-house capabilities and fill in those gaps in a small firm’s own expertise. The center can also coordinate research projects conducted by graduate students to help identify new opportunities and challenges on the horizon.