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Outstanding Labor Pool - Smart, Young, and Talented

Lancaster offers employers a workforce ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow. Fed by innovative programs such as the highly acclaimed SOAR High School, Lancaster has placed renewed emphasis on putting relevant science, technology, engineering, and math skills into the hands of the talent it develops.

The City’s University Center has brought California State University engineering and science programs to the community while Antelope Valley College, home to more than 15,000 students, continues to expand its 135 acres with new health and science facilities designed to educate a new generation of highly skilled workers.

With a local population of nearly 160,000, Lancaster offers employers a deep and energetic talent pool to draw upon. Nearly 60% of Lancaster’s workforce has solid college experience. The City’s median age is just 32.4 years, giving our workforce great vitality. Many, who live here, work elsewhere and would like to find good jobs closer to home. New employers find a ready reserve of qualified workers available when they move to Lancaster.

Gain a marked advantage with a trained, motivated and loyal workforce in Lancaster.
Lancaster offers employers access to a large pool of highly-skilled, motivated and experienced workers. Local wages are highly competitive and we are framed for the productivity and stability of our workforce.

America's Job Center of California: Antelope Valley One-Stop Career Center

Employees and employers alike appreciate the convenient, comprehensive approach to human resources issues offered by the WorkSource California Antelope Valley One-Stop Career Center. As a part of the state’s WorkSource California Network, the One-Stop provides quick and easy access to job education, training, and employment services tailored to your needs.

The Center’s clear customer orientation focuses on cutting through red tape and providing viable solutions to your specific needs, regardless of the agency or office that may offer the service. One stop, one point of contact, provides you with a variety of choices for workforce development including:

  • Customized training programs
  • Employment services
  • Rapid Response and Layoff Aversion
  • Skills development and retraining
  • Apprenticeship programs

Our One-Stop Career Center can also provide initial screening, pre-qualification and vouchering of employees eligible for lucrative Enterprise Zone hiring credits. This service takes the hassle out of hiring while making these substantial benefits even easier to achieve.

For more information on how the America's Job Center of California: Antelope Valley One-Stop Career Center can assist in your human resource needs, contact them at (661) 726-4128.