Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Zone

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Over the past decade, the City of Lancaster has been updating its General Plan and Zoning Code – along with their planning documents that include the Lancaster Design Guidelines, the Master Plan of Trails and Bikeways, the Downtown Specific Plan, and vision plans for selected areas. Additionally, it will make Lancaster a more sustainable and valuable community. A key strategy and central focus of this work has been to restore, intensify, and reanimate the City’s historic downtown and surrounding neighborhoods and corridors. An effort that has already yielded remarkable positive results in the form of the transformed Lancaster Boulevard (The BLVD) and a rebounding Downtown economy. It will allow the focus of expansion and revitalization efforts that are already under way. By doing so, we will be able to focus on the unique development standards in the heart of Downtown that will enable and promote high quality, livable, enjoyable, walkable, bikeable mixed-use and transit oriented neighborhoods surrounding, The BLVD core, and the Metrolink Station.