Medical Main Street

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In collaboration with Antelope Valley Hospital, the development “Medical Main Street”. The development will be a 21st century health district designed to provide easily accessible, state-of-the-art health care to Antelope Valley residents in an environment that both encourages and facilitates active and healthy living. The project is envisioned as a walk-able and bike-able district, that will be housing a wide variety of health care facilities and specialists, with Antelope Valley Hospital as its centerpiece. This initiative aims to capitalize on the 100 acres of vacant land surrounding the existing hospital campus, re-purposing it for mixed-use facilities that integrate health care alongside commercial endeavors such as health food stores, restaurants and workout facilities.

A $675,000 planning process is currently underway, with efforts such as a full environmental impact report (EIR), health district and use plan, infrastructure analysis, and market study scheduled for completion by early 2019.  This work will play a significant role in priming the vacant acreage throughout the district for fast-track development.  Economic Development is working to attract private-sector investment to the area, while Development Services is embarking on the design process for a $15 million initiative to install the needed infrastructure to maximize connectivity within the district and establish developed sites.