Columbia Neighborhood Revitalization

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An assessment of the Columbia Neighborhood will be conducted to determine the conditions and needs in order to create a detailed strategy and implementation plan to guide the area’s future. The purpose of creating a specific strategy and implementation plan is: to improve the aesthetics of the area; redevelop challenged housing; improve the stability of existing neighborhoods; provide subdivision and site planning design guidance; contribute to the open space of the community through park planning and design; ensure adequate infrastructure; and, create the implementation tools needed to realize the vision plan.

The analysis and development of a specific vision plan and strategy is similar to that of a general plan, which allows the Agency to follow the five-year implementation plan and develop ideas and guidelines for the betterment of the respective neighborhood in a defined redevelopment project area. As the analysis takes place and the plan develops, short-term and long-term strategies and goals represent ideal improvements; however, the elements of the plan are only guidelines to meet the revitalization needs of the neighborhood and community as a whole. The specific Vision Plan also assists with developing public-private partnerships, which are vital in ensuring a successful revitalization project. Moreover, the plan must also address Housing and Community Development requirements, such as maintaining a percentage of affordable housing units.