Reasons for Citation

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The following are reasons why a vehicle can be issued a parking citation within the City of Lancaster, along with the applicable California Vehicle Code (CVC) or Lancaster Municipal Code (LMC) section and the fine or "bail" (if applicable).  If a reduced fine is available with proof of the violation's correction, the reduced fine will be listed in parentheses () after the standard fine.

Keep in mind that Parking Enforcement officers do not have the ability to determine if a vehicle is registered to the address at which it is parked; for example, if you are parked blocking your own driveway, you may still receive a parking citation.

Note: Throughout this page you will see the word "highway."  Under §360 CVC, a highway is defined as "a way or place of whatever nature, publicly maintained and open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel," and includes streets.

A single vehicle may be cited once per calendar day, per violation.  For example, a vehicle with its rear license plate improperly positioned (§5201 CVC) can only be cited for that violation once each day, but it may receive additional citations for other violations (such as a missing front license plate (§5200 CVC), expired registration (§5204(a) CVC), and being parked next to a fire hydrant (§22514 CVC)) at the same time as the citation for the improperly positioned rear plate.

When a particular circumstance qualifies for citation or tow under more than one section, only one section may be used each calendar day; for example, if the vehicle's registration is more than 6 months expired, it may be cited for a violation of §5204(a) CVC or towed per §22651(o)(1)(A) CVC, but not both.  However, often there are multiple (though closely-related) circumstances; an example would be a vehicle with expired registration displaying a registration tab from another vehicle.  In this particular circumstance, the vehicle could be cited for the expired registration (§5204(a) CVC), AND towed for illegally displaying a registration sticker that was not issued to that vehicle (§22651(o)(1)(B) CVC).