Choice Energy is the all-new, locally run, not-for-profit power program created by the City of Lancaster. This clean and modern power provider will be available exclusively to those who work and live within Lancaster.

Lancaster has been at the forefront of creating a new sustainable approach to modern living. The City has been proactive in promoting solar power alternatives, conservation and smart energy consumption.

With a lofty goal of becoming the nation’s first net-zero city, Lancaster is determined to generate more clean energy than it consumes. With several private-sector partners, it has demonstrated how such a goal can be accomplished. The City has established new rules for building more efficient, sustainable structures. Along the way, Lancaster has earned global recognition.

Choice Energy is the next logical step. By bringing energy decisions closer to home, we’re giving you a far greater say in how we approach power generation, energy conservation and sustainability.

By investing locally to support our region’s renewable resources and helping to create new good paying, local jobs, Choice Energy is not only helping our environment, but our economy as well.

Choice Energy will begin offering power to select local government accounts in May of 2015 with broad public enrollment beginning in late 2015. Click the documents and links below to explore our progress thus far.