Alternative Fuel Vehicles

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In 1994, when gasoline prices had not yet skyrocketed and “Going Green” had yet to become a catch phrase, the Lancaster City Council was already addressing concerns about the future of our environment. They chose to adopt the Blue Skies Program, as well as a resolution stating that the City should utilize alternative fuels whenever possible. As one of the first cities to become part of the program, Lancaster was among the first to use alternative fuel vehicles, altering gasoline-fueled 1991 Ford pickups to run on natural gas.

Today, about 22 percent of the City’s fleet of sedans and pickups run on alternative fuel. The City uses 20 hybrid-electric vehicles, and 13 more run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Two heavy dump trucks that run on a combination of diesel and CNG are also in use.

The City makes an effort to purchase alternative fuel vehicles when older vehicles need to be replaced. The extra cost required to purchase these vehicles instead of those powered by gasoline is Civic Hybridoffset by funds from the state of California’s AB2766 Program, which began in 1990 and collects an additional $4 in motor vehicle registration fees to fund efforts to reduce pollution. Thanks to this funding, the primary fiscal impact to the City is in saving money on gasoline.

Using alternative fuel vehicles is just one way that the City is ensuring that Lancaster’s future will continue to be positively clear!

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