Urgency Ordinance against Wasting Water

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In 2008, the City of Lancaster passed an urgency ordinance in order to protect one of our desert’s most precious resources, potable water.  The following acts are considered a waste of water and are prohibited within the City:Running Hose

  • Allowing water to drain or leak into the street or sewer after having been asked to fix the problem by a public officer
  • Allowing water to flow directly into any gutter, storm water drain, sewer, etc. for two minutes or longer without first putting the water to a beneficial use
  • Allowing water to leak for an unreasonable length of time
  • Allowing runoff into streets or other paved areas due to landscape irrigation, whether because of broken or misdirected sprinkler systems, for more than two minutes total
  • Watering lawns and/or other landscaping between 10:00 am and 10:00 pm, except from October 31 through the following March 1
  • Washing vehicles with a free-running hose and allowing the water to run into the street (the use of hoses fitted with on/off nozzles or a bucket only to wash vehicles is permissible)
  • Washing, cleaning or hosing down buildings, driveways, patios, parking lots, sidewalks, alleys, etc. (washing windows is allowed)
  • Allowing water to form a pool deeper than one-quarter inch on any surface (aside from swimming pools, fountains or other similar purposes)

Wasting water in these ways constitutes a public nuisance and is subject to abatement in the ways listed here.  Just keep in mind that our water resources are limited and adjust use accordingly.  Browse the rest of our Going Green section for ways to save water and money!

To report violations of this ordinance, contact Code Enforcement at (661) 723-6121 or report online by clicking here.  Select "Code Enforcement," then "Waste of Water."

If you would like to view the entire ordinance, click the link below.

 Water Ordinance 905