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New Business License Only

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Instructions to register and apply for a license online

Registering for an Accela Customer Account

To register an account and begin the application process, access the Citizen Access Portal here:

Prior to applying online, please read the following information:

Application Requirements

Several business licenses require additional documents to be uploaded with the application.  See additional document requirements and checklists below.  All incomplete applications will be returned unprocessed and delinquent penalties may be assessed.

 ** If the applicant is not the owner of the premises where the proposed business will be conducted, the applicant must submit a copy of a lease, rental agreement or other documentation that establishes the applicant has the property owner's authorization to conduct the business from that location.  This does not apply to businesses operating outside of the City of Lancaster."

Out of city businesses:

  • No lease is required
  • Copy of Seller’s Permit (if selling goods)

 All Commercial Businesses (includes retail and restaurants) within city limits must submit the following: 

If the business is home-based in Lancaster or a mobile business and owner/operator resides in Lancaster, a Home Occupation Application is required.  The Home Occupation Application must be submitted in person to the Planning Department. 

In addition to above, the following businesses must provide items listed below:

Retail (or any business selling goods)

  • Seller’s Permit

  • Seller's Permit, click here to visit the California State Board of Equalization's website.

Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Café (any business that prepare food)

Daycare (more than 7 kids)

  • State Certificate

Salon Station Rental

  • State Cosmetology License

Automotive Repair Shops

  • Copy of license from Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR)

Businesses requiring Livescan:

  • Liquor Store

  • Mini-Mart/ Convenience Market (ABC 20 or 21 license and is under 10,000 SF)

  • Smoke Shop

  • Tobacco Shop

  • Hookah Lounge

  • Internet Lounge/ Internet Cafe

Online Application Restrictions

Applications for the following businesses must be made in person at City Hall.  Please click on the link below for a list of documents to provide with the application.

Massage Operator

Massage Technician

Taxi/Tow Truck Operator

Taxi/Tow Truck Driver

For questions related to business license, please call (661) 723-6237.