Kensington Campus

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Kensington Campus will be a large community designed to house, employ, and rehabilitate the local homeless population. This unprecedented and innovative 14-acre development will be located at Avenue I and 32nd Street West in Lancaster. As part of the City’s overarching homelessness initiative, completion of Kensington Campus is expected in SUMMER 2020, at which time it will seek to provide betterment, dignity, and purpose to those in most need.

To learn more about Kensington Campus, as well as what it will offer to its future residents, see the following links: 

    • Permanent Supportive Housing
    • Interim Bridge Housing Component
    • Supportive Services Space


Those seeking meaningful volunteerism are encouraged to fill out and submit a volunteer application at

To read the Lancaster Community Homelessness Plan, click here.

Attend the Lancaster Homeless Impact Commission Meeting, every 3rd Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m
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Kensington Campus

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