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Despite predictions the Internet would make them irrelevant, libraries TODAY have evolved from offering only rows and rows of books to providing vital and relevant services that directly engage residents, of all ages.

Re-imagined libraries are now gathering places and family destinations, acting as vibrant and attractive community hubs. Today’s libraries fulfill a new role, rooted in the neighborhoods they serve, by providing access to online information and supporting digital literacy. Libraries provide supportive, creative learning spaces for young people, and act as a vital lifeline to jobs, educational opportunities, literacy, health resources, and community services. The City looks to explore other possibilities for service enhancements and expansion and seeks to engage Lancaster residents in a dialogue about our library to ensure the best possible library services are delivered and received.

The City of Lancaster would like to thank the community for engaging via the  Library Needs Assessment survey -- helping us identify how the Lancaster Library excels, and how we can make it even better.

Libraries play such an important civic role, providing a publicly connected space for all in a comfortable and unique environment — one where learning, exploration, and imagination takes place inside at the same place! Join the City of Lancaster and re-imagine your library. We invite you to Think. Dream. Become. at the Lancaster Library.