Our Facility

The Community Center's design, through feedback from our residents, is intentional and thoughtful in an effort to optimize the space and inspire innovation.  

“Technological literacy is critical for development in our increasingly adversarial digital world. We owe it to our futures to spread the joy of mastering this tool, the bicycle for the mind! We ought to learn how to use computers, instead of being used by them.”

- Community Center Survey Participant

The Center incorporates smart technology. Interactive displays and learning software instantly enable participants to experience real-time lessons and communication with individuals and community centers globally. The building is also equipped with free Wi-Fi to enhance ones experience on the premises.  

Additional feedback provided by our residents helped guide the planning and space usage for various recreational rooms, ensuring us that the community's needs and interests were incorporated to the fullest extent possible. To learn more about these rooms, make sure to read through the "Our Rooms" section below.

Our Rooms

Picture of a class room

Multipurpose Room
The Multi-Purpose Room can be utilized for community gatherings, partner organizational meetings, performing arts activities, clubs, and pop-up events.

Picture of cooking apron

Kitchen & Culinary Classroom
These culinary-focused areas provide a clean environment to offer instruction on meal preparation, nutrition, cooking, and presentation of food. They contain fully-functional appliances, various cooking stations, and appropriate spaces for demonstration and preparation.

Two teenagers looking at a computer screen

Teen Center
The Teen Center provides social, educational, and recreational programs in a safe and positive environment that will enhance personal and communal skills as well as instill responsibility and leadership for teenagers.

A group of multiethnic kids waving their hands

Kid's Corner
The Kid’s Corner supports all forms of education provided to young children up to approximately five years of age, establishing a solid foundation of engaged young children that will grow into productive Lancaster youth.

Two teenagers working on a 3D printer

The Makerspace is a collaborative area for people to gather to become creators rather than consumers, explore potential with hands-on projects, and share ideas in a learner-centered environment.

Picture of a library

The Library will offer materials that are specific to activities available at the Community Center, along with a comfortable study space. Materials will include books for children, job training books, business books for entrepreneurs, do-it-yourself project manuals, as well as a pop-up library complete with laptops, eBooks, and audio devices.

A series of computer monitors lined up on a table

Computer Training Lab
The Computer Training Room has 16 computers available for use, and also provides a space for computer and software training classes for all ages.

picture of music producing room

Music Room
The Music Rooms allows music, a universal language, to transcend ethnicity, age, socioeconomic status, and gender by providing progressive opportunities through a merging of the arts and technology. The room also offers properly-equipped space for learning as well as creating music, and will include an instrument/music education room, a music engineering room, a podcast studio, and a recording studio.

5 women dancing in a room

Dance Room
The Dance Room allows such movement in a judgment-free space, complete with mirrors, ballet bars, speakers, and a seating area.

picture of canvas, paint brushes, and paint

Arts Room
The Arts Room is designed to encourage children to develop fine motor skills, youth to harness their curiosity, and adults to express their emotions and feelings in healthy ways. The room includes mobile tables and chairs for both free activity and programming.

picture of videp game controller

Game Room
Residents can release their tension and energy in the fun, family-friendly Game Room, complete with various tables, board, and television games, a nod to being a kid.

a woman talking to a little girl

1-on-1 Service Space
Two, one-on-one service rooms provide private spaces for respected and often under-resourced community partners to utilize for small private consultations, and other one-on-one meetings that require a designated, confidential space or more intimate setting.

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