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“[A successful Community Center looks like] a place that draws you in, builds you up, and sends you out to succeed.”   

 -- Community Center Survey Participant

Each program has been carefully and intentionally chosen based on community input and each activity's contribution to LCC's foundations in STREAM: Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Math. STREAM skill-sets promote holistic development and proper preparation for the 21st-century workforce. If you are in interested, read below to check out or program descriptions or register for classes today. 

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Our Programs

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Technology & Innovation
Programming fosters STEM skillsets for all ages through makerspace experiences, computer classes for workplace aptitude, engineering simulations, app creation workshops, and 3D printing.

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Health, Wellness & Fitness
Programming includes activities, resources, and engagement to empower participants of all ages to take hold of their health and well-being. This involves exercise classes, healthy living support groups, and health education.

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Children's Education
Child development programming merges traditional child development with STREAM programming, such as Lego robotics, “Talk, Read, Sing” activities, and guided play to improve success in pursuing a STREAM career.

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After School Tutoring
Programming includes SAT/ACT prep, subject-specific instruction, and homework help.

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Music Instruction, Engineering & Production
Programming provides a unique opportunity for people of all ages to learn from professionals how to play an instrument, record songs, and produce recordings into practical creations.

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Entrepreneurial Opportunities
Services takes place in the form of business license application instruction, Young Entrepreneurs Programs, and business classes for adults.

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This programming includes student mentorship and employment mentorship for adults.

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Workforce Readiness
Programming offers resume building, interview practice, and public speaking practice.

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Teen Programming
Through its teen programming, the Community Center can provide a safe, positive environment for teenagers to collaborate, learn, and have fun. This may involve performing arts classes, art shows, and table game tournaments.

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Intergenerational Programming
Intergenerational Programming brings residents of all ages together. Research shows that senior residents involved are less prone to depression and have better health outcomes.Youth involved are less likely to use substances and skip school. Programs could involve seniors reading to children or youth teaching technology skills to seniors."

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Cooking & Nutrition
Programming provides opportunities for all ages to improve cooking skills, implement nutrition knowledge in (everyday) meals, and learn to meal prep.

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Pop-Up Events & Drop-In Programs
The City of Lancaster recognizes that there are always activities taking place in the Antelope Valley, and the Center can participate in such happenings throughout all of its spaces with pop-up events and drop-in-friendly programs. These might include informational and educational events such as resource drives, special makerspace classes, and summer camps.

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Volunteer Opportunities
The Community Center will harness the generous spirit of Lancaster by allowing interested residents to offer their time and energy to assist with programming, event set-up, and basic administration tasks, allowing youth to build their resumes and adults to give back to the community. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out our volunteer application

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