Disaster Response Plan

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Multi-Agency Team Will Respond in any Emergency

Disaster can strike at any time. Natural disasters in the past year have brought that fact home to thousands of Americans. Lancaster residents can depend on expert planning and preparedness that centers around a multi-agency team that is ready to respond in the event of a state-of-emergency. The Los Angeles County Fire Department and Sheriff’s Department have well-trained professionals stationed in the Antelope Valley who will partner with Lancaster City staff to determine and meet the needs of the community in a cohesive plan of action.

The plan of action stems from a statewide Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS). This statewide system links the emergency agencies who will respond to a disaster and ensures that they can communicate and coordinate their actions effectively. Usually, the Fire Department officials take the lead in such a response and begin by opening a joint emergency operations center under the unified command of the team.

In the event that this team is pulled into action, they will meet the needs of the situation in stages; first assessing damage and threats to human life, then responding in a myriad of ways, including: rescuing residents in peril, evacuating those in danger, suppressing fires, establishing first aid stations, maintaining security of residents and businesses through law enforcement and establishing a transportation plan which closes damaged roads and maintains safe circulation.

It’s important to prepare yourself, your family, your home and your neighborhood, but the emergency professionals have a plan in place to support you with regional issues such as traffic, law enforcement and medical emergencies that could arise in any disaster situation.

*To find more information on disaster preparedness and other Public Safety issues, visit the Public Safety Division's section here.