Fireworks: Citation and Whistleblower Reward Program

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In an effort to curb the proliferation of illegal fireworks, the City of Lancaster will be issuing administrative citations to all persons discharging fireworks and property owners who allow their properties to be used as a location to discharge fireworks.

Under the City’s “Prop. 47” Ordinance, any person who disturbs the peace may be issued a citation. (Lancaster Municipal Code Chapter 9.48.)  For the first discharge of a firework, the penalty is $500. for the second and any subsequent discharge, the penalty is $1,000.

The City’s Public Safety Department is establishing a whistleblower program that allows residents to report and provide documentary evidence sufficient to support the issuance of an administrative citation and/or the filing of a misdemeanor criminal complaint against a person who has illegally discharged fireworks or allowed the discharge at his/her property.

Evidence should be in the form of video or photographs, and must be clear enough to allow Public Safety personnel to identify the individual(s) discharging fireworks and/or the address of the residence or other property where the fireworks are being discharged (or, if they are being discharged in the street or open land, the property where the person discharging the fireworks came from).

Residents may notify Public Safety by sending an email and the video or photographs to  The City cannot act on anonymous tips, however your personal information will be kept confidential.

A reward program has been established in the amount of $250. for those citizens who have lodged a whistleblower complaint and provided adequate evidence that leads to a citation or misdemeanor charge.