Having Fun While Staying Healthy

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  We understand that these are trying

  and difficult times, now is the time to

  love your neighbors and be there for

  one another. All discomfort comes to

  an end and this will too.




Activities To Do At Home

Public Works Week Coloring Page 

Download Over 300,000 e-books From New York Public Library For Free

Browse NASA’s entire media library

NASA Virtual Space Tours

Giant List Quarantine Activities

Learn A New Language

California Science Center -Stuck At Home Science

LA County Library Online Book & Resources

Audible Kids Stories


Activities For Kids

Get ABC Mouse Free - Code: SCHOOL7771

Two Weeks Worth of Science Experiments

Coding For Kids: Free Classes, Websites, and Apps - Ages 8 - 18

Spanish Children’s Stories

Disney Partnership with Khan Academy: Imagineering in a Box

Scholastic At Home

National Geographic Kids

Activities & Crafts for Kids

Adventures in Odyssey

Coloring Book Pages

Disney Coloring Pages

MOAH: Joshua Jackrabbit Young Artist Workshops Youtube Channel

WOW! Children's Museum

Go Noodle

Fun Brain

PBS Learning Media

Squiggle Park (Reading)

History For Kids

Typing Club

Mystery Doug (Science)

Children Authors with Read Alongs and Online Activities


Streaming Services

Have a Netflix Party

Stream STARZ for 3 month for $5

Spectrum, Comcast offer free internet to students without WiFi during coronavirus pandemic

Interactive FREE Hotspots Map (Spectrum Wi-Fi Outdoor is best resource), allows zooming down to the City and street level so residents can search and find closest hotspot

Met Opera

Free Broadway Shows

Paris Opera House

Hallmark Channel Brings Back Christmas Movie Marathon

NPR's List of Virtual Concerts


Virtual Tours

52 Places, Virtually

Virtual Tour of 2,500 Museums and Galleries Around the World

The Louvre

Hidden World of National Parks

Yellowstone National Park

Yosemite National Park

San Diego Zoo

Georgia Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Great Wall of China

Access Mars: 3D replica of the Mars Surface

Renowned Places of the World

National Museum of Natural History

Disney's Magic Happens Parade 

Virtually Ride Disney Attractions

Virtual Sing-Alongs (Facebook Group)



Feel Good Stories

Actor Josh Gad (Olaf from the Frozen Series) Reads Books to Kids Online Every Night During Quarantines

Quarantined Italians Sing Their Hearts Out

Musicians Are Performing Concerts at Home During Quarantines

23 Inspiring Signs of Hope During the Coronavirus Outbreak


For Parents

How to Talk with Kids About the Coronavirus 

Parenting Tips - Coronavirus

Ten Tips for Talking to your Kids about Coronavirus


Wellness Tips and Tricks

Avoid taking ibuprofen for COVID-19 symptoms

Prevention & Treatment

What to Do If You Are Sick with COVID-19

Information for People at Higher Risk and Special Populations


Revolution Yoga & Cycle Class

Planet Fitness on Facebook

305 Fitness Cardio Dance Party

Core Power Yoga and Meditation

Beginner’s Yoga

15-Minute Body-Weight Workout

Go Noodle - Get Moving (Kids)

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Virtual Dance Lessons

Les Mills On Demand


Mental Health and Wellness Tips to Get You Through

Coping With Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks - A Reference for Maintaining Mental Health & Well-Being 

Coping with Coronavirus Anxiety

Manage Anxiety and Stress

The Psychology of Uncertainty - How to Cope with Covid-19 Anxiety

Taking Care of Your Emotional Health

Helping Children Cope with Emergencies

Reducing Stigma During COVID-19

Tips For Social Distancing, Quarantine And Isolation During An Infectious Disease Outbreak

Community Connections in Times of Physical Separation

How To Avoid Social Isolation During Coronavirus Epidemic

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) HelpLine Coronavirus Information and Resources Guide