Shop More in Lancaster

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As you begin preparing for the holidays, think twice about where you do your shopping -- it can make a big difference.


Ten great reasons to Shop More in Lancaster:

  1. Protect our unique character – Lancaster is unlike anywhere else. By choosing to support local businesses, you’re helping maintain the charm and special appeal of our many local merchants.

  2. Support those who assist our community – Locally owned businesses are big boosters of our area schools and charities. This helps build stronger neighborhoods and a greater sense of community.

  3. Help control your future – Local business owners have a real stake in the community. They help guide good decisions since they, like you, are directly impacted by the results.

  4. Keep your dollars in town – Money spent here has a greater impact on our community, because dollars spent here will recirculate through the economy many times.

  5. Better jobs and higher wages – When local businesses prosper, they can offer more jobs and higher wages which help support our families.

  6. Entrepreneurs are the engine of growth – Our small businesses fuel economic innovation and growth, bringing a better quality of life to all who live here.

  7. Environmental benefits – By shopping locally, we are kinder to the planet as we tend to drive less and walk more – thus using less energy, creating less pollution, and exercising more.

  8. Healthy competition – Small businesses competing for your dollars ensure a healthier economy, better service, and lower prices.

  9. Better selection – Local business owners understand their customers better and make product choices that reflect your needs and wants, leading to a better match and higher satisfaction.

  10. In the public interest – When you shop in Lancaster, local sales tax dollars support the services we use every day, including parks, roads, and public safety.